Yes, I'm making a


I believe in Ukrainian Cinematography and I really like to meet talented people. We will have everything to boost our Video Production and Special effects.


Documentary, music and travel videos.


Editing, Color correction and Sound design.

My own Film

We will start in 2022.

VR LED Studio

Future is almost here.

A huge part of my life.

Working as a photographer helped me understand the rules of composition, framing, light and shadow. Now I’m applying this knowledge in video shooting. Now I shoot documentaries, music and travel videos.

I like different styles in shooting and editing.

I managed to combine my skills together with the WEREWOLF brand, we shoot a video about traveling on specially prepared off-road vehicles. Check this YouTube channel:

Sometimes I shoot music videos when I’m not busy with other projects. I consider this a good practice for editing.

I don鈥檛 stick to any one style of shooting and video processing.

Each new project is an opportunity to gain experience and, in the end, do your job better. As a rule, I shoot and edit all my videos by myself.

Editing, CC and Sound Design

For over 4 years, I’ve focused on creating my entire projects by myself. Color correction and sound design are my favorite parts of editing process. Quality, not quantity, is what guides me.

My first film

My own film will be based on a true story of Ukrainian tragic events in 2014.
We are still looking for a new members in our Crew Team. If you are interested, fill a form below or contact me on


It's too early to announce specific dates, but hard work will begins in fall 2022

Real time background it's a new

depth era effects quality reality for your project.

Video walls contain hundreds of screens. Allows you to dynamically change the background and lighting.

The Grand Opening
will be in


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450 square meters

The Biggest VR Studio in central Ukraine

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