Travel Photography

“To travel is to live”

No, I haven’t traveled all over the world and I don’t know English perfectly. But I really like to work with people who can give others a sense of celebration and freedom, pay attention to what is really important, because while traveling you understand how few things you really need to be happy.

Photo, Video, Aerial

For tour operators, I can offer not only reportage photography and video shooting, but also staged: develop a specific content plan and work on it.

The only limitation is local laws, sometimes the import or use of a drone is prohibited.

Increase customer loyalty with unique and high-quality content

Have you noticed how often organizers use "foreign" content in their posts or ads? Personally, I see it regularly. Answer a simple question: which advertising offer will be more credible: where is the content from stocks with conditional happy people or content where your logo can be recognized on the sail of a yacht, a car, or even on a T-shirt that guides can be wearing, and possibly whole group?

Author’s tours

Basically, I shoot small author tours for 10-15 people, but I have experience in filming large companies and events.

Classic solid colors in photographs are what I strive for when shooting and processing. I give the finished photos in the gallery like this:

Every evening – a new photo report

Of course, it’s nice to see ready-made photos a week after arriving home, but it’s important for people to receive and share content on the same day! That is why every evening I upload small photo reports, so on the tour people are less distracted from contemplation of beauty and do not take 100 photos each time on their phone, because they trust me and know that in the evening they will definitely have photos from all the necessary locations.


Years working as
a photographer

Shooting cost - from $ 500

Email me the details of the upcoming event and I will make an accurate calculation

Let’s work together

For an accurate calculation of the cost of shooting, indicate in detail what content you would like to receive and how long the tour will take